We really embrace the personalized eating positioning. The desire for personalization isn’t new to the guest and the ability to customize isn’t new to restaurants. The challenge has been creating this bridge, and that’s what MyMenu does. It’s a simple, very intuitive way for the guest to quickly find what they want. For us at Noodles, it has always been about the guest experience and meeting their taste preferences.
— Chas Hermann, Chief Brand Officer, Noodles & Company

One of the largest benefits MyMenu offers Luna Grill is the relief in time at our point of sale. Guiding everyone towards this digital platform where they can look for exactly what they want is going to cut down the time it takes to answer specific questions about substitutions, allergens, and ingredients.
— Maria Pourteymour, Co-Founder & Chief Cuisine Officer, Luna Grill

Guests can be very specific in what they want and MyMenu makes it very easy for them to find the options available and what modifications may be needed to make it. If you can show consumers how they can alter a menu item to fit their preferences, it makes it that much easier for them to place an order.
— Stacey Sultar, Senior Vice President of Marketing, Rubio's

We are always looking for ways to enhance the guest experience, whether through technology advancement or menu innovation. We are proud to introduce the MyMenu platform to our website, in-restaurant tablets, and mobile app as a way for guests to feel confident about putting together a meal that meets their personal preferences.
— Ashley Ceraolo, Senior Vice President of Marketing, California Pizza Kitchen

MyMenu has made it so much easier for our customers to see exactly what they’re eating and make modifications in accordance with their unique preferences. The digital platform makes it easy for consumers to navigate and find what on our menu meets their needs.
— Karen Eadon, President & Chief Operating Officer, Farmer Boys

MyMenu is a game-changer for our guests! Because we’re an endless soup, salad, & bakery concept, guests who have specific dietary preferences are often overwhelmed when they see everything we offer. MyMenu has changed all of that, increasing guest confidence with an easily searchable menu of each item’s description, allergen list, and nutritional information. With MyMenu, dining with us has never been easier!
— Corry Reid, Vice President of Marketing, Garden Fresh