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coming to san diego in 2019

Say hello to MyMenu®, the platform that makes it easy to find restaurant menu items that align with your health and lifestyle preferences.



MyMenu® allows you to find menu items aligned with your health and wellness goals, from nutrients (calories, carbs, sodium, etc.) to food allergens (dairy, soy, wheat, etc.) to lifestyle values (vegan, vegetarian, clean, organic, sustainable, etc.). 

MyMenu® answers your nutrition-related questions such as:

  • How many calories does this have in it?

  • Is this dish vegetarian?

  • If I order this dish will it help me meet my goal of eating more protein and less carbs?

  • What can I order that aligns with what my doctor, registered dietitian, or trainer recommends?

Mymenu…It’s Personalized eating!



Want to see MyMenu® in action?

Visit a few of the restaurants that already have MyMenu built in to their website:


Mymenu features

Get the scoop

Scroll through menu items specific to your preferences. Choose your meal based on appetizing pictures, a hearty dish description, and the comprehensive nutrition facts.

share your favorites

Keep track of the meals you love by adding dishes to your ‘favorites.’ Share your favorite meals with your friends and followers via social media.

track meals

Use the MyMenu® meal tracker to log your meals on-the-go.


For more information or to be notified when MyMenu is ready for launch, contact us below.