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Increase your restaurant’s recognition and visibility, enhance guest loyalty with the information they crave, and be among other industry leaders in San Diego county.



Now, more than ever before, guests want and need detailed information about the food they eat. MyMenu® is the first ever “virtual menu concierge” matching your restaurant’s menu items with guests’ health needs and lifestyle preferences.

MyMenu empowers restaurant guests to find menu items aligned with their health and wellness goals, from nutrients (calories, carbs, sodium, etc.) to food allergens (dairy, soy, wheat, etc.) to lifestyle values (vegan, vegetarian, clean, organic, sustainable, etc.). 

It’s Personalized eating!



Capitalize on tech and lifestyle trends with MyMenu® to join other industry front-runners including:


MyMenu® boasts an impressive list of features including a management system, helping your restaurant keep information accurate, organized, and updated in real-time, as well as fascinating and detailed user analytics. The platform will also allow your guests to track meals with the meal tracker, save their favorite dishes to their favorites list, and share meals with their friends and followers via social media.


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