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The Future of Healthy Eating

Restaurants, healthcare, wellness companies and more are partnering with Healthy Dining to capitalize on today's nutrition and technology trends.

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" demonstrates that dining out and healthy eating can go hand-in-hand. More consumers are embracing a healthy lifestyle, and this website is a great way to showcase the variety of options available on restaurant menus. The NRA is proud to partner with Healthy Dining and encourages every restaurant to join the program." -Dawn Sweeney, President & CEO, National Restaurant Association

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"The Healthy Dining nutrition team is providing exactly the kinds of insights and recommendations we need to leverage today’s nutritionally complex environment. We are relying on Healthy Dining’s knowledge, perspective, and expertise to help us understand current opportunities and challenges and set goals for product reformulation. We are fortunate to have their partnership in this endeavor."  Sarah Grover, Chief Brand and Strategy Officer, Barfresh

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"The Healthy Dining team has demonstrated a high level of proficiency, professionalism, expertise, and commitment to accuracy as our nutrition analysis partner. Their team of registered dietitians is extremely knowledgeable and has been very helpful as we navigate our way through getting Mazzio’s entire menu nutritionally analyzed. We highly recommend Healthy Dining to any restaurant/foodservice company looking for a trusted nutrition partner."  Sheri Miksa, President & CEO, Mazzio’s Italian Eatery

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"We were one of the first restaurant companies to join Healthy Dining, and participating in this program is a positive step in our constant aim to provide guests with a variety of options. In a society that is increasingly health-conscious, Brinker believes that is a website that encourages a balanced approach to nutrition."  Joe Taylor, VP of Corporate Affairs, Brinker International

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"Healthy Dining fills an important market gap. The restaurant industry is playing a significant role in America's health, and Healthy Dining is leading with healthful strategy, technologies and services to support the industry in these nutrition-focused times."  Clarence Otis Healthy Dining Board Member and Former CEO, Darden Restaurants

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"We all face tough decisions every day, but where to find a healthy and delicious meal shouldn’t be one of them. Our restaurants have partnered with to make it even easier to enjoy a great meal that’s good for you while having a blast at America’s Incredible Pizza."  Tim Hershberger, VP of Sales and Marketing, America’s Incredible Pizza Co.

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"As part of Rubio’s brand evolution and culinary progression, we’re committed to offering our customers new products with fresh flavors they can feel good about eating. We support the Healthy Dining Program and its efforts to help consumers make healthier food choices."  Ralph Rubio, Co-Founder, Rubio’s® Restaurants